Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy

Code of Conduct, and Discipline Policy


Learning takes place best when everyone feels safe and accepted. In an attempt to provide the best learning environment possible for all students in the Sunday School and Kid's Own Worship, a code of conduct and discipline policy have been implemented...

Our "Code" is simple, and easy to remember and follow. We call it R.L.K.

What does it stand for?

R. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

L. Listen when someone else is speaking     

K. Keep your hands and feet to yourself     


This discipline policy follows an easy three step process.

1. Nonverbal warning - a.k.a. "The Look", or some other non-verbal cue   

2. Verbal warning - Worse than "The Look", the student is told to stop the disruptive behavior or they will be removed from class

3. Removal from class / taken to parents 


IF a student needs to be removed from the classroom setting or K.O.W. for a behavioral issue, the following week the student WILL be welcome to come back to join the class. We believe in Jesus' "Forgive and Forget" philosophy.

Should you have ANY questions about our "Code of Conduct" or "Disciplinary Policy" feel free to contact Cory Whitford,or Anna Muligan Dir. of Christian Ed.