Kids own Worship


 "Kid’s Own Worship" is a time for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade to experience and participate in the worship of God in a way that uniquely appeals to their young hearts…

Through singing, teaching, and different activities, the children will learn about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They will also learn what the bible teaches about the majesty and sovereignity of God, and that He alone is worthy of our praise and worship. And not just that He is worthy, but that when we accept Christ into our lives, we will want to give Him our worship as our offering for all His love for us.

 We offer K.O.W. on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday of each month, where we break away from the 10am worship service before the sermon time.
We do not offer K.O.W. on the 1st sunday of the month, as we would like the children to be able to experience Worship and Communion (The Lord's Supper) with their church family. We are happy to begin offering the K.O.W. ministry as of September 8th.    K.O.W. goes thru the school year.   


Watch this page in the future for more information on what we're doing in K.O.W.


Jennifer Riley

Linda Colson

 MIchelle Steele

            Cory Whitford & Anna Muligan /Christian Education Director

Come to K.O.W and meet this wonderfull team, who love teaching and reaching your children for Christ!!! If you are interested in being part of this wonderful team, please contact Jennifer Riley or Anna Muligan before or after church.