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Ahhhh...To be able to worship our Lord in Spirit and Truth. That is why we come to church. To give to the God who loves us, and who gave us His son, for our salvation.

But let's face it...for those of us with little children, sometimes getting into the Spirit isn't so easy due to all the distractions that come with having a small child.

Fortunately, God has blessed FBC with people who love your children, and are available to take some of the burden of Sunday morning off of the parents. We are pleased to offer our nursery ministry to you parents, so that you might be able to worship "In Sprit and Truth".

The infant and toddler nursery is available for newborns through 4 years old.


  • Located downstairs, the nursery opens at 9:45am and remains available until the end of the 10am worship service.


  •  The nursery is staffed by volunteers who have a passion for ministering to children.


  • We also use a required "Teddy Bear" sign out system to ensure the safety of each and every child left in the care of FBC's nursery, to give you the parent, peace of mind.


If you would like to be part of our Nursery ministry team , Please contact Karen Kraft, Anna Muligan or Cory Whitford, before or after service .heart