Specs of Rex

Thru the Specs of Rex

Shortly after Pastor Rex arrived at FBC in 1992 he began wearing glasses.  Even though he would like to blame it on something else, it was because of his reaching middle age and the eyes just were not as young as they used to be.  Since he needed a name for his monthly article for the church, he decided upon the Specs of Rex, because he would write his article from his own perspective.  Or, as he would see things happening at FBC through his own eyes and lenses and not that of others.

Over the years he has written of many topics and issues.  Some he would like to forget and others that have become classics at FBC.  Here we will only keep them up for two months at a time.  That will give you plenty of time to read a particular month.   At the same time we do not want to give Pastor Rex a big head because he has so many articles and thoughts available to others.

Enjoy these thoughts on a variety of issues and let Pastor Rex know if you liked them or caused you to think about God and His kingdom in a different way.