GRACE  Project


     G rowing  (Colossians 1:10)

            R enewing  (Romans 12:2)

                 A dmonishing  (Colossians 3:16)

                        C ounseling  (John 14:26)

                     E ncouraging  (Romans 15:4)


The GRACE Project is a ministry of FBC-Belvidere.

The goal of The GRACE Project is to promote the development of a Christ-like character in the lives of women.  To achieve this goal, we offer two avenues of community support:


Spiritual Formation through Mentoring

In this 9-month walk with a “spiritual mother”, you will intently focus on biblical concepts, learning to let the truth set you free to walk with Jesus and become like Jesus.  Because of the nature and purpose of this ministry, we require a 9-month commitment from participants.  You may be mentored in a one-on-one relationship or, if all parties are agreed, with a group of one or two others.  This ministry is primarily for women.  Men who wish to be mentored are urged to contact one of FBC’s pastors.


Lay Christian Counseling

If you are struggling with a particular issue or just want to get biblical feedback on your situation, you can schedule a one-hour session with FBC’s non-professional  Christian counselor.  We suggest that participants make a $25 contribution to FBC-Belvidere so that they are personally invested in their own soul care, but scholarships are available to those in financial need.  Absolute confidentially is guaranteed except in situations involving imminent danger to self or others.  Lay counseling is provided under the professional supervision of Dr. Mariene Oman LCPC.  This ministry is for women, couples, and families.  Counseling for men is available from FBC’s pastors.


For more information about The GRACE Project, please contact Connie Rogers

(815-547-5622) or the church office (815-547-5800).